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South Africa has been abundantly blessed with beautiful wildlife, plentiful natural resources and more testaments to natural beauty than can be counted. We believe that it is our responsibility to implement solutions that are developed with the impact on the environment being our core consideration. Irresponsible solutions simply postpone having to deal with problems that need to be addressed right now. Choosing to use an environmentally friendly solution will not only protect your environment and equipment, but it could very likely save on reapplication and maintenance costs in the long run.

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“Our passion for the environment is evident in everything we do.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dust suppression? Why dust suppression? Isn’t dust simply a nuisance that is generated as a byproduct of activity in our industry?
Dust is a byproduct of activity throughout the mining, industrial, agricultural and construction industries. Dust in its various forms, can range from being simply a mild annoyance to being a problem that could potentially be dangerous and very costly to manage.

Dust suppression is the process undertaken to ensure that fugitive dust is managed in an effective way, ensuring safe working conditions for laborers and minimalized repair and maintenance costs.

Enviropact aims to address the dust related problems in a responsible, cost effective way.

Can I not just use water to treat problematic areas?
Only using water to suppress dust is financially detrimental as it does not effectively mitigate the problem. As far as suppressing dust goes, water only remains effective while the treated area is sufficiently wet. There are many factors that determine the length of time that the treated surface can remain wet. Temperature, the type of soil, soil particle size, wind factors and traffic on the treated surface are just some of the factors to consider. When only using water to suppress dust, capital equipment and water resource costs incurred are high and reapplication needs to take place often. These combined factors make the use of water as a dust suppression treatment unviable at best.
Do I need to restrict activity on treated areas after application of a product?
Enviropact makes a point of developing solutions that correspond perfectly with the needs of the specific end user. Having said this, most of our product ranges can be applied while day-to-day operations continue as normal. We fully understand the huge financial implications of losing a day of operations. For this reason, Enviropact endeavours to develop solutions specifically designed to minimize operational disturbances and to work closely with our clients to optimize the application process.
What makes Enviropact’s products different? Will I be getting value for money?
Enviropact’s products are specifically developed by our highly trained R & D staff using the best breeds of raw materials out there. We develop purpose-built solutions to coincide perfectly with the intended environment of use. Our environmentally friendly products offer enhanced cohesive properties, elegant dilution ratios and less frequent re-application rates than your conventional, mass-produced dust suppression solutions.
Do you offer service and maintenance on new and/or old systems?
Yes. Enviropact can aid in the application of your chemical dust suppression products and in the maintenance of your High Pressure Dry Misting Systems. We also offer training to ensure that your staff has the core competencies necessary to maintain your systems to ensure that optimum efficiency is maintained.
Do I need expensive, heavy duty equipment to apply your products?
No. All of our products are designed with the aim of making their application as simple and painless as possible. These products can be easily applied by any standard water truck or water trailer. Our Agricultural soil stabilization and crop protection products are best applied by your Centre Pivot Point Irrigation Systems.
Are all of your products really environmentally friendly and biodegradable?
Yes. We believe that it is our duty to protect the environment as far as possible. Enviropact endeavours to use only raw materials that are environmentally friendly in the development of our products.
How do I know that your product will work for me?
Our products are by no means off-the-shelf. We develop each and every product to meet your specific dust suppression needs. Enviropact always takes the necessary steps to ensure a perfect product fit. We do this by ensuring that we understand your intended area of use perfectly and by studying representative soil samples where necessary, to ensure that we can meet your specific needs.
Will I be able to get in touch with you if I have a serious problem?
Yes. We believe in maintaining a culture of excellent customer service giving you the peace of mind that we will respond to you in a timely, professional manner.

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Enviropact’s greatest strength is our ability to see challenges as opportunities. We believe that great solutions come about from rising to meet great challenges.

We provide solutions that are purpose-built, easy to maintain, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We specialize in chemical and hydro mechanical dust suppression products and services, and we look forward to helping YOU overcome your challenges.

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